Library Rules and Regulations

  1. All users must observe total silence in the library and its premises.
  2. All students are required to record their entry and exit time by scan their barcode ID in the library Counter.
  3. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library. switch off their Mobiles or keep them on silence mode.
  4. Library Books will be issued against Identity cards.
  5. All bags, cases, folders, overcoats, caps,briefcases and hand bags etc. must be left in the luggage area outside the library.
  6. Users are not allowed to leave their baggage overnight in the library. The library shall not take any responsibility for loss of personal property or books already signed out to a user.
  7. Library materials may not be taken outside of the library unless the library staff has properly issued them out.
  8. All users are required to show the items in their possession to the library staff on demand before leaving the library.
  9. No library equipment may be moved, modified or tampered with without permission from the librarian.
  10. The owner of the ID Cards shall be held responsible for the books borrowed against his/her ID Card, hence it is necessary to keep the tickets carefully.Loss of ticket must be immediately reported to the librarian. Duplicates of Library Tickets will not be issued.
  11. The librarian may recall any book from any member at any time and the member shall return the same immediately